In Detail

  • Innovative robot attaching to wheelchairs to raise and mobilize the user
  • Enables upright interaction and improved self-esteem 
  • Autonomous movement and task execution like fetching items for greater independence 
  • Integrated AI for object recognition and environment interaction 
  • Potential emergency notification and remote control functionality 
  • Co-developed with people with disabilities for maximum usability

Existing Solutions

  • Conventional wheelchairs lack standing and autonomous mobility functions
  • Reliance on human assistance for task execution and mobility
  • Limited consideration for user experience and psychological well-being

Mobile Rehabilitation Exosceleton

In Detail

  • Revolutionary telemedicine system for rehabilitation of patients after stroke or upper limb injuries
  • Precisely engineered mechanics allowing natural and full range of motion for more effective rehabilitation
  • Unique exoskeleton applicable to both left and right arm without additional attachments
  • Modular design enabling simultaneous use by multiple patients
  • Remote control by medical professionals to set personalized rehabilitation exercises
  • Ability to undergo therapy at home, increasing convenience and accessibility

Existing Solutions

  • Traditional exoskeletons often limited to single-arm usage, requiring separate devices for each arm
  • Lack of remote capabilities, necessitating in-person therapy sessions at healthcare facilities
  • Rigid mechanics restricting natural arm movements during rehabilitation

Re4Life Healthcare Technologies: Founded by Petko Stoev, the company aims to revolutionize rehabilitation and improve the lives of people with disabilities through robotics.

Innovative Solutions: Developing two products – a remote rehabilitation exoskeleton and an autonomous robot that attaches to wheelchairs, allowing users to stand and move independently.

Funding & Recognition: The project has won several grants and individual investor funding, including “Science with a Future III” from the America for Bulgaria Foundation and the “Entrepreneur in Science” award from the Karol Knowledge Foundation.

The Team: The company has a diverse team of professionals working across the globe – Bulgaria, Switzerland, Georgia, Greece, Germany and others. Apart from our medical experts, we work closely with hospital representatives, as well as people with disabilities in order to achieve excellence in our products.

Future Prospects: With plans to launch the products soon, the startup has garnered significant interest in Norway, potentially becoming the first foreign market due to its innovative approach to aiding people with disabilities.

The Founder: “There was never a Plan B! One must pursue their dreams relentlessly – for that is the path to becoming truly fulfilled in life.”

With a Ph.D. in cyber-physical systems, Dr. Stoev has been driven by a lifelong passion for robotics. His pioneering work on the rehabilitation exoskeleton and autonomous mobility robot showcases his ability to translate research into practical, life-changing products. Recognized with the Forbes “30 under 30” and “Entrepreneur in Science” awards, Dr. Stoev leads a talented team of engineers and medical professionals, fostering collaboration and mentoring the next generation through internship programs and university lecturing. His vision for Re4Life Healthcare Technologies is to leverage cutting-edge robotics and assistive technologies to empower individuals, improve healthcare accessibility, and promote independence for people with disabilities and mobility challenges.